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10/14/2013- As the prices increase of homes Realtor magazine reports that Middle Class buyers find it harder to find a home.
10/11/2013- Mortgage rates increase a bit after decreasing.
10/8/2013- Corelogic has reposrted that foreclosures have decreased 33%. Good signs for the real estate market.
9/16/2013- The number of homeowners of homeowners undersater has gone down by 42% according to the Board of Realtors. Rising prices and less homes in foreclosure is contributing to this improving market.
09/09/2013- Realtor magazine reported that many investors are slowing down buying up many homes. Due to price increases there's not as many bargains. This will give potential home buyers less competition in the coming months.
09/06/2013-SB 30, C.A.R.’s sponsored legislation to provide tax relief to those selling their home in a short sale will not be extended.That means is you are thinking of short selling your home this is the time if you want to avoid paing taxes when you short sell. The board of Realtor's did a good attempt on gaining a extension but it wasn't extended. Call us today if you need more information on the benefits of a short sale.

09/03/2013- NAR President Gary Thomas: announced a victory for REALTORS® and homebuyers. Because of REALTORS®' efforts, and other important stakeholders, the administration just announced a proposed rule that will preserve low down payments for qualified homebuyers." That means a 20 percent down payment will not be a requirement for future homebuyers. Low down payment programs like FHA will still remain. So take advantage of the homebuying incentives and get qualified today just give us a call.


8/16/2013- A month ago when interest rates went up drasticaly it seems that now we have some inventory on the market available. It wasn't to long ago whe investors were buying every home on the market and holding them. Interest rates increasing is good and bad. Good in a sense that investors have eased off buying every home on the market therefore nows there's a bit mor inventory to choose from for our buyers. The flipside is that some buyers may now qualify for a lot less of a home due to the rate increase. None the less rtaes are still very low in comparison to the past years and homes are still very affordable as well. SO it's still a good time to buy. Don't put it off and wait for the next increase in rates or home values.

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